A Green Line Haunts The Apple iPhone X Display

A Green Line Haunts The Apple iPhone X Display

Apple released the much awaited iPhone X earlier this November. The iPhone X is not even a month old, and several users have encountered a strange issue with the display. Well, not just the display, but the iPhone X also suffered a malfunction in cold weather according to some reports.

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The green line issue was not present at the beginning, but it surfaced just within days of using the new iPhone X. A green vertical line is visible on display, all the way from the top to bottom. Some users have also reported a purple line which runs along the length of the screen of the iPhone X. The line has been reported to be visible on the right side of the screen in most cases, although some users have encountered it on the left side of their iPhone X screen. Users have switched off and restarted their iPhone, but the green line reappears after some time. This could be a hardware defect, and it didn’t seem to be widespread initially. The underlying cause could be the OLED display technology used in the iPhone X. If it were a software defect probably an update could fix it. There is no official statement from Apple yet regarding the issue. However, according to some reports, Apple has been replacing the defective units free of charge. Apple is known for its reliable customer service.

When you pay such a huge amount for your smartphone, you wouldn’t want such nasty bugs to affect it. But it is hardly possible to uncover all defects in any gadget or software. The best option in such situations is to wait for a fix or get a replacement. The green line bug was reported from users across United States, Australia, and Canada to name a few. Take a look at the following reports from various websites: Apple Forum, Twitter, Reddit.

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