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Welcome to the world of technology and its innovative inventions!

There seems to be a drastic change in technology these days. Smartphones are ruling the world and now, the little wearables on your wrists are supposed to be the next big deal.

TechNMe aims to report each happening in the world of technology in the unbiased and the easiest way along with the up-to-date information regarding every little innovation and creativity from the masterminds. There are myriad tech happenings evolving with each passing day in the tech world. TechNMe concentrates to bring the best information for its readers of digital generation.

The Platform is new; the team is new but the love for cutting-edge tech innovations is authentic and real. We aim to provide the best information of the latest tech happenings that matters in this ever-springing world of tech.

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Professionally, an Oracle Apps ERP Consultant but an ardent tech lover, His tech knowledge is vast and want to share the latest tech info with the readers, Thus TechNMe came into existence. He strives in updating the tech news and happenings for the loyal users in a creative way.


A mother of two but a tech enthusiast, she is a tech blogger and a content writer endeavors in providing current tech happenings and innovations.

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