Are you ready for the improved AirPods 2?

Are you ready for the improved AirPods 2?

Apple is known for setting trends and its users are always on the lookout for more. Apple had released the AirPods in the last quarter of 2016. AirPods were touted as being truly wireless earphones with a lot more functionality. The ability to pause and resume playback or invoke Siri just by double tapping on the AirPods garnered a positive response. Although, the AirPods were prone to be misplaced due to the lack of connecting wires. Apple released an update by means of which users would be able to locate misplaced AirPods by using the “Find My iPhone” app.

Currently, rumors of upgraded AirPods are doing the rounds and we have compiled these rumors for you. There are talks about a new product which is internally known as B288. Let’s call the upcoming AirPods as AirPods 2. The AirPods 2 will have a new chip(which might most likely be called W2) instead of the W1 chip that is presently used in the AirPods. The new chip shall be more power efficient. The AirPods 2 will allow you to communicate with Siri in a hands-free manner i.e. just by saying “Hey Siri”. You may be able to wirelessly charge your AirPods 2 by placing them in a case over the wireless charging pad.

Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI analyst is known for his accurate predictions about Apple products. Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple will release upgraded AirPods in the latter half of 2018. While most of the rumors could turn out to be a reality soon, the wireless charging feature might be released in the third generation of AirPods in 2019. In addition, the third generation of AirPods shall also be water resistant. So can we expect to see a cycle of products with regular updates? Only time will tell.

Do you use AirPods? What do you think about the rumored AirPods 2? Which features would you like to see in them? Share your opinions with us.


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