Duet Bluetooth Tag with Protag App that keeps a sharp lookout for your phone

Duet Bluetooth Tag with Protag App that keeps a sharp lookout for your phone

At Glance: A smart Bluetooth tag, Duet Bluetooth Tag and the Protag App that alerts the iPhone owners as soon as they lose their device.

It is a very big concern to find out the things like smartphones, glasses, purse, and wallet if they lost or misplaced.The DUET tag and The PROTAG App is tailor to solve this issue. This is a product which will look out for all this stuff all the time.

Duet is a 1-inch by 1-inch small square tag which acts like an orbit path for your phone which communicates with an iPhone and android device. You will be working with the PROTAG app and a Duet device with Bluetooth 4.0 which consumes low energy means you can keep it turned ON and not much power will be consumed from your smartphone.

The PROTAG app constantly keeps a track on all the tagged items using Bluetooth. You can also check the last known location of your valuables on the map using GPS tracking.

How doe Duet Bluetooth Tag block your phone from losing?

We generally have a tendency to keep our smartphones somewhere and later we cannot find them but with the help of technology things are becoming easier to manage and handle. If such condition occurs, you just have to take the Duet and press the button which will make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode. In this way you can find your phone if it is out of your visual reach and even if it is in silent mode which makes it impossible to call and find out.

With DUET you can also set your DUET tag to alert you when you are going away from you smartphone say about 10 meters or more.

How does Duet Bluetooth tag find out your tagged items like purse,keys, or glasses etc.?

To find out the things with the help of DUET you need to keep the DUET tag on the items you want to track like bag,glasses, wallet and sync the DUET tag with the help of your PROTAG app. So when you are unable to find or lost the particular tagged item then just go into the PROTAG app and search for the item and as you are nearing the item signal strength starts increasing.

More characteristics of DUET Bluetooth Tag

Connectivity: You can couple with DUET using your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 which is power efficient way for being connected.

Design: DUET has a very simple and skillful design with little rounded square. The Duet comes in 5 different colors which are Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. It has single button on the left side of the device which helps you to find your phone when you lost or misplaced it. The DUET also has a speaker below the name. Due to a small size it is very easy to attach to the things like wallet, bag etc.

Battery life: The DUET is reusable because it has a changeable battery which has 6 months of battery life.

Airplane mode: If you set your phone in airplane mode or it may be in silent mode your phone will ring when you press the button on duet with Bluetooth connectivity.

Working of the PROTAG app

When you check for the item like wallet or key in PROTAG app you will find the item on the map and by clicking on it you will get the pop up with the options like edit, radar, buzz, delete.

So if you want to track the item you need to click on BUZZ and your DUET tag on respected item will start to beep. You can add and view 10 different duet tags at the same time on the map.

There is another feature apart from app which is called as RADAR which is useful in tracking items which are nearer up to 30 meters or less. Within this range you can activate RADAR and when you getting near to the item Wi-Fi signal get stronger and help to trace out the location of the item.

The PROTAG app works on iOS 7 and later and also on the android device running on android 4.3 and later. Blackberry and windows phone users are unfortunately cannot use the device due to non-compatibility of device with OS.