Facebook updates its Events app as Facebook Local for iOS and Android

Facebook updates its Events app as Facebook Local for iOS and Android

Facebook launched it standalone Events app last year and now the same app has been up upgraded as Facebook Local. The app has been launched for US users on both Android and iOS, as of now.

Facebook local combines user’s calendar and event information in one place. The app will help users by providing them information about local businesses in the form of reviews, photos, and events happening in the locality. You can check out where your friends have been and what reviews they have about a restaurant or other such place. You will have access not just your friend’s reviews, but reviews from other users too who have visited the place. You can remain updated about the events your friends are interested in going to. A separate feed shows you recommendations from your friends. The events can be filtered by date, location, and category to help you make appropriate plans.

Facebook is home to millions of business pages and they can benefit from this app. You can import data from your smartphone’s calendar so that all your data is in one place. You can choose to receive notifications so that you are updated on the upcoming events or changes to them.

If you want to go to a nearby restaurant, you can simply check it out on the app and see what other customers have to say about that place. You can discover new places to hang out and be up to date with the many social events happening around you. You can take a look at the calendar on the home page to see your different events for the day. If you are traveling to a different place, you can change your location to receive information about the events and places to visit in that locality.

Eventually, Facebook can feature ads from these local businesses, but presently, there are no ads. Does all this sound familiar to Yelp? Only time will tell whether Facebook local affects Yelp. Facebook seems to be all ready to bring in more users with such useful apps.


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