Follow Simple Steps Before Selling Your Mac Laptop

Festivities are around the corner and a lot of sales and offers are available on electronics. Are you are planning to sell your old Mac laptop? Whether you sell it now or later, here are some of the important steps you should follow before selling or giving away your Mac laptop.

Step 1: Create a Backup of data

It is important to have a backup of all the data that you will need in future. At this stage, if you already have your new Mac laptop then you can easily transfer all the data by using the Time Machine software. If the new laptop is not available yet, then you can use any of the compatible external storage devices specified by Apple. The Time Machine software which is built-in your Mac OS can be programmed to take backups at regular intervals or you can use the back up now option. The first backup might take a lot of time if you have a huge amount of data. The Time Machine can work in the background while you use your Mac for other operations. For detailed information visit: how to create a backup of Mac.

Step 2: Signing out of iCloud, iTunes and iMessage

Your personal information is linked to the services like iCloud, iTunes, iMessage and some Third-party apps. This information is used to authorize you so that you can use all services on the Mac. You want to make sure that you sign out from each of these before handing over your Mac to a stranger.

Sign out of iTunes:

Open iTunes and from the menu bar at the top select Account. Then click Authorizations and then click Deauthorize This Computer. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password, enter them and then click Deauthorize.

Sign out of iCloud:  

Click on the Apple icon then click on System Preferences and finally click on iCloud. On the preferences, screen uncheck the box or Find my Mac. Then click Sign Out. You will be asked if you want to keep a copy of iCloud data on your Mac, select Remove data from this Mac. If you choose to keep a copy of data now, you can still erase it later when you format your Mac. In any case, your iCloud data is safe and can be accessed from devices that are signed in to your iCloud.

Sign out of iMessage:

You need to follow this step only if you are using OS Mountain Lion or later. Open the messages app and click on Messages, then click on Preferences. After that click on Accounts and select the iMessage account and click Sign Out.

Step 3: Reformatting the Hard Drive

After successfully completing Step 1 and Step 2, you can proceed to the next Step. After you turn On your Mac, immediately press and hold the Command-R. This will open the OS Utilities window. There select Disk Utility and click on Continue. Select the Startup disc and click Erase. From the drop-down menu, you have to select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then you have to select GUID Partition Map. Click Erase.


Step 4: Reinstalling OS

After you are done with the previous step, select Quit Disk Utility from the Disk Utility drop-down menu. Click on Re-install OS X. Then click Continue and then select the hard drive where the OS will be installed. Click Install. Once the installation is complete, the Mac will restart. Hold down the Command+Q. You will see Setup instructions, DO NOT follow them. Let the new owner set up the Mac as per their preferences. Shut down the Mac.

Step 5: For MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

If you use any other methods like third-party apps to erase data from your Mac then you need to do this step.

When you restart the Mac, hold down Command + R for some time till the Mac OS Utilities Window opens. Over there select Utilities from the menu bar and click on Terminal. Enter the below command in the Terminal:

xartutil –erase-all

Press Return and type Yes. Then you have to again press Return.  Click on Terminal and then select Quit Terminal. All you Touch Bar data will be erased.

Your Mac is now ready for its new owner!


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