Gear up for Novus – the modern smartphone for kids

Gear up for Novus – the modern smartphone for kids

Chinese company Abardeen has come up with a 4g smartphone that almost every parent would approve. Novus is a cool gadget which can transform into a smartwatch, a phone, and a home assistant. On Kickstarter, the Novus project has already crossed the target and accumulated over $31,000.

Novus provides a kid-friendly UI. Children can enjoy using Novus and at the same time, be connected to the parents. It consists of the main unit that can either be attached to a strap or put in a case or placed on a stand depending on your needs.

When Novus is attached to the strap, it acts like a smartwatch which children can wear, without the fear of losing it. Novus attached in the case, becomes a smartphone that can be operated using the navigation wheel. Novus placed on a stand, acts like a google assistant enabled home companion. Its small size makes it easy to fit in a child’s hand.

Novus works on a nano SIM and the charge lasts an entire day. You can click pictures and make video calls with the camera. GPS technology allows parents to track the real-time location of their children. Parents can install the KidMate IV app to configure Novus for filtering contacts, limiting numbers that can be dialed, track location, home-school reminder, etc… There is an SOS feature which dials a stored number of your choice during emergencies. Novus also offers an exercise tracker which can keep track of your children’s health needs.

Head over to Kickstarter and check out all the available offers.

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