Ghost Phone Allows Only You To See And Work On Your Smartphone Using Smart Glasses

Ghost Phone Allows Only You To See And Work On Your Smartphone Using Smart Glasses

While travelling in bus or any public transport, don’t you have an experience of strangers looking in your cell phone and reading your conversations or messages? Well, I can see many nodding heads here! Yes, this is the most common situation as well as an irritating problem that one has to face-off while travelling in public transport and you cannot actually shout at people every time they look into your phone’s screen, isn’t it?

Well, what if we told you that there may soon launch a phone which will have a screen that only visible to you and work on? No, we are not kidding at all, A Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Goger from Diyarbakir has invented a way to hide information using a special screen used in combination with a smart glass.

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The Ghost Phone seems to be an outstanding invention in the tech world. The phone is modified using a chip which makes the screen of the phone appear white. A second chip is used in a pair of glasses which connects the Goggles to the phone’s screen visible ONLY to the wearer.

ghost phone chip

The phone is modified using a chip which makes the screen appear white. A second chip in a pair of glasses then connects to the phone, making the screen visible to the wearer

The technology is simple behind the invention of Ghost Phone. By using the Goggles and phone fitted with the chip you can enjoy your very private and personal conversations and chats on your phone without getting disturbed even in public.

innovative ghost phone

Mr. Goger testing his invention in his studio in Turkey

How Mr. Goger got the idea?

The idea occurred in the mind of Celal Goger while he was travelling in a crowded public transport in Istanbul and he sensed some prying eyes over his phone reading his business messages. Having an innovative technology studio, there he found a way to save his phone from those prying eyes.

mr. celal goger ghost phone

Despite growing up in a small village without any electricity, Mr Göger has a technology studio where he invented this way of hiding his screen from others

Mr. Goger stated,”I think I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time. If I had been born in UK I think I would have gotten a lot more support to move this project forward and start the mass production of my invention.”

In the short span of four months he came up with the ‘Ghost Phone’ and which he decided to name as ‘C.COGER I.’

Mr. Goger is planning to put an On/Off button on the phone to make the user decide whether he/she want to activate the function or not. Well, he is still waiting to get his project funded. There is no news available about when and for how much this ‘Ghost Phone’ will be available for public use but one thing is for sure, whenever it will make its debut in the markets, the phone is going to rock the floors.

Disclaimer: While we provide the information about these kick-starter/crowd-funding projects, we cannot guarantee for their transfer or whether they would be successfully created or not, but they are amidst the creative ideas people have got. 


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