Glimpses Of CES 2017

Glimpses Of CES 2017

A Sneak-Peek In The Weird World Of Technology

The biggest Consumer Electronic show has begun in Las Vegas, with a host of extraordinary innovative new technologies on display.

For the tech-lovers all over the world, it’s still the festive mood of Christmas at the biggest tech show in Las Vegas, The CES 2017.

ces 2017

There are numerous most interesting tech products and trends in display. From the TV that rolls up like a newspaper to the fridge that warns you when you are running out of vegetables, the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas is the motherland of some of the world’s most curious and wonderful gadgets.

The tech show takes place every year which attracts more than 150,000 people. The tech giants such as Samsung, LG, Sony showcases their latest creations in CES whereas technology companies like Apple and Google run their own events.

However the most surprising innovations arrive from small startups in categories such as wearable technology, smart home appliances and 3D projects that offer a glimpse into our digital future.

Here are some of the most noticeable innovative products that are seen so far in CES 2017, let’s have a brief look:

                                                      1.  The Best Hair Care by “Hair Coach”

ces2017 The Hair Coach claims to be the world’s first smart hair brush. It is the innovative product designed in collaboration between hair care giant Kerastase, tech giant Withings and L’Oreal’s research and innovation technology incubator. The smart hair brush uses a range of sensors to make out any hair damage and also feedback users on how to take better hair care. It also suggests the better hair brushing techniques.

2. Anti-Pollution Scarf

 ces2017As we are aware of the pollution hazards in the current scenario, the startup company Wair, has designed a anti-pollution scarf with a built-in filtration mask that claims to defend the wearer from the main toxic components of air pollution in the city. The scarf is connected with the wearer smartphone via Bluetooth. It continuously measures the quality of ambient air and sends notification to the wearer’s smartphone when they enter polluted vicinity, suggesting them to use the scarf to cover their nose and mouth. Isn’t that cool idea?

                                                                       3.  Fridge Camera

Fridge Camera? Yes, you read that right! The smart Fridge cam is a small remote camera that resides inside your fridge and takes a snapshot of the contents every time you close the fridge door, which you can view on your smartphone. Ohh, Cool! Means you will get to know instantly if you are running out of the milk or vegetables without even peeping in your fridge! The Fridge Cam is also capable of scanning and identifying the bar codes on food, track expiry dates and notifies users when food needs to be eaten or thrown away. Indeed a smarter tech!


4. Smart Cane

As the name says, it’s a smart cane created by French Company “DRING”. This smart cane is specially designed for the elderly people that will protect them from any mishap and also detect any unusual activity like falling over. In any mishap, the smart cane automatically alerts the family, without any action from the user as well as shares the location of the user over text or email. 

                                                                        5. Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed is designed in a smarter way that keeps you comfortable by sensing your sleeping movements and it automatically adjusts your position to keep you sleeping in a very blissful way. There is limit on how many persons sleeping on a smart bed. It acts smarter even when there are two people sleeping on bed. It can warm your feet to help you fall asleep sooner and even raises your head to stop the snoring, what a cool innovation! 

6. Virtual Reality Shoes

ces2017 These extremely new creative VR shoes have been getting a lot of attention on the show floor. A pair of virtual reality shoes that let the user feel textures underfoot has been unveiled by the Japanese gadget-maker, Cerevo. The VR shoes allow you to use feet to interact with what you see in virtual Reality. The shoes give tactile feedback and the vibrations to the wearer to give them a sense of walking on the virtual surface they see in front of them. The virtual headsets are used to see the virtual images and the shoes allows the wearer to get the sense as in they are walking on the virtual surface they are seeing.

                                                            7. Ring Outdoor Security System 

Ring has creatively designed a product by putting Wi-Fi security cameras in places where they are actually needed and useful. The first product by Ring was a video doorbell that allows the user to respond to the visitors, or spot the snoopers using a smartphone. Now the Ring has designed a motion-activated outdoor floodlight using the smart technique. There is as HD camera and IR (Infra-Red) sensor capable of detecting motion, day or night. When the sensor senses something going on by, say, on the roadside, it can stream video to the cloud. You can get the alert on your phone instantly. The device will also let you speak through a loudspeaker and even set off a 100db siren. Now that’s called a useful innovation! Read more here.

8. Nemonic Printer 

ces2017 It’s a small printer designed especially for your sticky notes! We all love sticky notes, don’t we? Yes, but feel lazy to write on paper? Yep! Well that’s what the Nemonic printer does for you. Created by Samsung Spin-off Mangoslab, the Nemonic printer prints the sticky notes for you. For that pair your iPhone or your Android phone with the printer via Bluetooth, download the app, write your note or add a photo to it and hit print! That’s it, your sticky note is ready! It uses the thermal printing tech, means there is no ink inside the printer instead the ink is on the paper. While you can’t use conventional Post-it notes, sadly, the paper will cost the same two cents a sheet. The printer is expected later this year to hit the market.