Google Chromecast Ultra Priced at $69, To Buy Or Not Buy Is The Question

Google Chromecast Ultra Priced at $69, To Buy Or Not Buy Is The Question

Google’s two products, Google Home and Google Chromecast have been in constant news and leaks for the past few months. That is why today we will be talking about the heavily anticipated Chromecast’s new version, Google Chromecast Ultra.

It is certain that this updated version will support 4K streaming and it’s speculated that the dongle will have HDR capability. Along with these features, we also hope that Google brings a lot more upgrades to this version.

google chromecast ultra

Sadly, this Google Chromecast Ultra is not as pocket friendly as the previous version, which was priced at 35$. According to the sources, there have been rumours that the Latest version, Chromecast Ultra will be priced at double the rate of the previous models, that is, 69$. There is no absolute difference in the design of the upcoming model than the second generation model but the detectable difference is the substitute of the Chromecast logo with the Google Logo, which is the core things among all the other devices leaked for the upcoming event.

 They have also stated that the rating confidence of these rumours is 9/10, so we pray that this new version is packed with upgradations and new technologies worth its price.

The Launch will be taking place on the 4th of October, when Google will launch its Pixel smartphones, along with Google Home and Google Chromecast Ultra streaming dongle. There is a huge number of users, who are looking forward to this launch in hopes of seeing what all Google has done in regards to the features, as there are some HDMI dongles already existing in the market loaded with features and already priced at a competitive range.

So Stay tuned for October 4th  to view what all new features other than the 4k streaming are wrapped under the cover for Google Chromecast Ultra.

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