Google Clips- Turning AI into a photographer

Google Clips- Turning AI into a photographer

Everyone is familiar with the digital camera that has a lens, a sensor, a display and button to click pictures. Google has announced its very first smart digital camera called Google Clips priced at $249.

It was designed to look like a camera and not something that could hide in plain sight.  It is about 2 inch square shaped and comes in only one color combo of White on the front and Teal at the back. The lens pops out a little and can be twisted to turn on the camera. There is a shutter button below the lens which gives you more control to manually click and record stuff. A blinking White LED indicates that it is on and maybe capturing photos.  It also comes with a silicone clip that wraps around the camera so you can clip it or make it stand on a surface easily.

Clips can be just placed somewhere in the room while you continue with your daily activities. It watches everything in its 130 degree field view and records moving images which it finds interesting.  It learns to recognize faces over time and pets too. It has a 12 megapixel sensor and 16 GB of storage but no microphone.

The clips recorded are stored in encrypted form on the camera itself, they don’t sync with your phone automatically. Everything that it has recorded can be transferred over Wi-Fi direct, which is a seamless experience if you’re using an Android phone. You may need to select camera’s hot spot manually  for an iPhone.

You can view all the recorded stuff in an app on your phone and swipe to either save or delete what has been recorded.

The battery can last for up to 3 hours of active use with some variation depending on how much stuff was recorded.

For now Clips can only pair with Pixels, iPhone’s & Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. Over time Google may support more phones so it will be interesting. With Clips it seems like the target audience is parents who can capture precious moments of their children and pets which otherwise may have been difficult.

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