Google Stands Up as Apple’s And Amazon’s First Contender!

Google Stands Up as Apple’s And Amazon’s First Contender!

Google Recently announced the 5 Biggest things, Google Pixel Phones, Google Home, Google Daydream VR Headset, The Google Wi-Fi router and The Chromecast Ultra.

Yesterday proved to be a D-Day for Google. It had launched its latest devices which will be the first contender for Apple iPhone series, directing its reach straight to the high end market.

Along with their latest phone series Pixel, Google has also unveil other hardware devices, of which the most anticipated is Google’s voice-controlled speaker system called Home, another contender to the Inc.’s Echo device and a virtual reality headset.

The Google Pixel Phones


Apart from iPhone users, the major users use Android operating system. Google has been attempting at various approaches to designing its own hardware, without alienating manufacturers. Now the most eagerly expected offering at San Francisco launch was the smartphone pair Pixel brand, which is replacing the Nexus brand. Google has been selling the Nexus phones since 2010, but the numbers have not shown any drastic performances in the Samsung-dominated market. So mark in your mind everyone, its Google Nexus Pixel season.

The Pixel series comes as a surprise to no one. There is a brand new material design with the rounded icons and Google Assistant right on the home screen. In addition to it, the new features of phone are:

  • Google Assistant
  • The best ever Camera comprises a lot more computational photography than most, such as a burst-shooting, best-shot chooser, HDR+, “Zero” shutter lag and fast processing.
  • Unlimited Google photos storage
  • Google Duo, the company’s video calling app.
  • Up to 7 hours battery life which be charged in just 15 minutes.
  • Android 7, Nougat. It automatically downloads and installs updates in the background (well, you cannot turn that OFF) also it has built-in Google support chatting.
  • A new line of cases with photos.
  • They are available for preorder in US, The UK and Australia.

Google’s latest Pixel range is priced at a wholesome 600$, which puts it directly at the high end market, which till now was the Apple territory.


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