How to Adjust the Click Speed of iPhone’s Home Button

The Home button on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is the button that is been used most of the time using taps, pushes, presses, and clicks. Since this is the only physical button on the front of the phone, it can get accidentally force users into the app switcher when they really just wanted the home screen. So there is a way to adjust it using Accessibility feature in iPhone.

How to adjust the click speed of Home button on your iPhone or iPad

Even though Accessibility section is mostly for physical impairments (hearing/sight) it can be used by other users too.

Find Accessibility 

To adjust the click speed of Home button, we will need to open the Settings app and head down to the Accessibility section.

Settings -> General -> Accessibility 















Adjust Speed of Home Button

In Accessibility, you will see Home Button under Call Audio Routing. Tap on this and then adjust your Click Speed in the following section. Default willhowto1 be the standard option and you can select either Slow or Slowest.



When you make a selection from Slow or Slowest, your phone will vibrate to show you how long the duration between clicks will be. Test it out by triple-clicking for the Accessibility shortcut or double-clicking to launch the app switcher.

So, if you were having issues with the Home Button working too fast, the options will definitely help with that. And if you find the changes to be too slow you can always revert back to the default by going back to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home Button.

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