How to Reset/Change Always Settings In Android


Complete Action Using – Default Setting

Every app developers wish to get the maximum number of users for their app. To achieve this they will add some extra features into their application, making it as a multitasking. As a result there will be two or more apps installed in the device, which will be doing similar task, hence when we try to open it, apps capable of doing the similar task will prompt to make selection between  Always or Just Once.


When “Just Once” is used then each time it will prompt to make choices between applications about which one to choose. But if “Always” is selected then it will be opened in the same application every time without asking for choices.

So in below steps we will show you about how to undo the Always selection. 

  1. Go to settings in your android device pic5
  2. Navigate to Apps Menu or Application Manager pic6
  3. Here in this section you will find all downloaded and installed app in your device as section like Downloaded, Pre-Loaded, Running, Moveable and All. Swipe and Tap on All section
  4. Select the app from the list that opens by default whenever you tap on a file/link, which you want to reset.
  5. In App Info swipe down you’ll find launch by default, Now click on “Clear defaults”  pic7
  6. And you’re done.

Now open app with the preferred application, since the application settings for the app has been reset, hence it will prompt Always or Just Once again to select your preferred application.


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