How To Stay Safe When iPhone7 Spy’s On You?

How To Stay Safe When iPhone7 Spy’s On You?

Since the introduction of iOS7, Apple has always been packing their phones with some or the other secret feature, which is deeply ingrained in the settings and is obviously hard to find and disable. This time it is the maps feature of the iPhone7, which is smarter than we think, and is switched ON as factory setting, which means that it is switched on without the permission of the user.

Apple Maps, of iPhone 7 unlike other maps, not just gives your current location or your nearby places, but it also records, places you have visited, time you spent there, your daily routes to office / home/ gym etc. This is kind of creepy, we totally understand that. But Apple states that this feature is only limited to an individual’s phone, that is, the information that this apps records of every movement of the user, is for their own benefit, as the system uses this information to help the user in bringing updates/notifications in the ‘Today’ view, regarding the places he/she stops regularly, also it enables the system to provide better alternate routes in case of traffic jams etc.

The place where all this information is stored is called ‘Frequent Locations’, and is obviously buried beneath several layers in the settings menu. It records all the places you have travelled, time you spent there, the number of times you have visited and many more details.

If you are creeped out with this feature, we will tell you how can you access this sections called ‘Frequent Locations’ and also tell you how you can disable it.

How to get access of ‘Frequent Locations’:


  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’
  2. Got to ‘Privacy’ and tap at ‘Location Services’
  3. Scroll down till you find ‘System Services’
  4. After opening ‘System Services’, tap on ‘Frequent Locations’

This is the place where all the information is stored. You can select any city, and it will provide all the information as to where do you stay, visited in that particular city.

How to disable the Frequent Locations and also clearing the information stored in it:


  1. Follow all the steps as above till you reach ‘Frequent Locations’
  2. Turn off the Frequent Locations toggle. The device will now seize to store any information as to your whereabouts on the map.
  3. After doing that, tap on ‘Clear History’ button, to clear all the past data, which has been stored related to your locations and places visited.

And you’re done!!!

Now days, almost every device or OS has some or the other feature secretly enabled in the device which has access to information which we would prefer not to share. The companies may assure us the credibility of the safety of such devices, but there are always some of us, who are sceptic about such features. But at the end, it all depends on the user, to use and abandon such features suiting their lifestyle.

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