IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus is here!!

iphone-7Finally the latest version of iPhone is out! Unveiled by Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook on the 7th of this month at the Apple Launch Event, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won the hearts of everyone.

While announcing the launch of the phones, Tim Cook said, “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system deserves the most advanced smartphones.”

Talking about the design and screen size, the latest versions of the iPhones are similar to its predecessors; the iPhone 7 with a screen of 4.5inch HD display, while the iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5 inch HD screen display. But that’s all what is common; Apple has upgraded almost every other feature, with these two models.


With the standard silver, gold and rose gold cases, the new models also come in a ‘Black’ and ‘Jet Black’ shades with a stainless steel Apple logo at the back. The new black shade adds a whole new class and character to these models.

The ‘Jet Black’ model comes only in the more costlier range of 128GB and 256GB models.



The camera for the iPhone 7 has been given a complete performance boost with a high speed 12megapixel sensor which is said to be 60% faster and 30% more battery efficient than the previous iPhone 6S. It comes with Optical image stabilization, with a wider f/1.8 aperture, which is capable of absorbing 50% more light, along with a new 6-element lens.

Equipped with True Tone Flash light with 4 LED’s, it comes with a new image processor, which uses machine learning to read the screen, set focus, exposure levels and colour tones. iOS 10 supports RAW and wide colour in other apps, now live photos can be edited by the users. The front facing camera on the iPhone 7 is a 7 megapixel camera equipped with Auto image stabilization.

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with dual rear camera module, one Telephoto lens, to take distant object photos by zooming in, and the other, Wide Angle Lens, to take a wide range of capture. The actual zoom by the lens is upto 2X, but Apple states that it can be easily stretched to a wholesome 10X.

Phil Schiller during the keynote said that “This is the best camera in any smartphone. It Might be the best camera most users ever own”


It’s not just fast, it’s actually, unbelievably fast! Apple has boosted its A-series to quad-core setup based A10-series which is estimated to be 40% faster than the A-9 and two times faster than A-8 series, found in the previous models of iPhone 6 and iPhone S respectively.

The GPU is estimated to give 3times better performance than the A8 and will also be more battery-friendly than the previous ones.

Running on the iOS 10, the new OS brings a lot of new upgraded Apps like the Music app, the Control Center, and many more features announced at the WWDC 2016 event.

It was stated that the Apple A10 is 120 times faster and the GPU is 240 times faster than the original iPhone. All this armed with the best battery in the iPhones line makes it just more and more desirable.



It is equipped with the new Retina HD Display, which Apple states with 25% brighter than the previous iPhone 6S, along with a wider color range, supporting Cinema P3 Standards.


“Good bye Jack” – No more Audio Jack

As speculated, Apple is now done with the 3.5mm audio jack. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with Lightning Ports, which digitally transmit audio. Apple also launched the Ear Pods, which are meant to receive the digitally transmitted audio, and make the whole music experience tangle-free. For those who still want to use the old ear phones, a dongle is provided for free in the box, which converts the digital signals back to analog for the 3.5mm Jack.

Water & Dust Resistant

The new models are completely water and dust resistant, so now you can confidently use the phone around a pool or at the beach without the fear of expensive repairs or replacements. But competitors like Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xperia Z5 come with IP68 water resistant capability, while iPhone 7 and 7 Plus offer only IP67 water resistance.


Price & Availability

The new iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available for pre-order from 7th September itself and they will start shipping and be available at stores from September 16th.

Pricing starts from $649 for iPhone 7 (32GB) and $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus (32GB)



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