iPhone 9 Bid Adieu To Touch ID?

iPhone 9 Bid Adieu To Touch ID?

iPhone 9 rumors are making rounds in present scenario. Let’s see what the actual heck is, Check the article!

The iPhone X is yet to hit the stores, and the rumor mills are already running with all possible specs of the iPhone 9 which will release in 2018. Apple’s naming conventions are full of surprises given the current trend and whether the new iPhone will be called iPhone 9 or something else, is a mystery. Since iPhone X is actually iPhone 10, so Apple would probably not take a step back and call their new iPhone – iPhone 9. However, for the sake of convenience, ‘iPhone 9’ has been chosen as the possible name by several news sources.

Based on history, we can estimate that the iPhone 9 will be announced in the first half of September 2018 and it will be released a couple of weeks later after the announcement. We can expect a more bezel-less display and a larger screen to keep up with market trends. Some of the iPhone 9 screen sizes rumored is 5.85 inches and 6.46 inch with OLED panels.

The iPhone 9 may get rid of the Touch ID and move to Face ID, whether or not Apple retains the fingerprint sensor is difficult to predict. Apple will take into account the user feedback of Face ID that is available on iPhone X and plan its move accordingly.

Apple will most certainly introduce a new chipset- A12 as an improvement over its current A11 Bionic. The A11 is based on 10nm process, and companies like Samsung are already working on a 7nm process, so it is possible that the new iPhone 9 could be based on 7nm. As the distance between transistors reduces the ability to pack more transistors increases and as a result, the computing power increases. An efficient processor could also mean a better battery life; we hope Apple addresses this area. The users may get relief from frequently having to charge their iPhone and what can be better than a phone which could last for days on a single charge?

Speaking of improving battery life, how about making it convenient to charge your iPhone? Apple has been working on ‘long-range wireless charging which is an improvement over the current wireless charging available on the iPhone 8. As of now, one still has to place the iPhone on the mat to charge it without wires. But in future, we could be able to charge our phones from a greater distance without the need to keep the phone on a surface.

Some of the other rumors doing the rounds include a better camera with DSLR like the ability to change lens and 5G network for faster network connections. All these possible features are bound to make the iPhone expensive.

So, what’s your take on these rumors? Are you going to cancel your pre-orders?

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