Is Apple Planning To Discontinue iPhone X In 2018?

Is Apple Planning To Discontinue iPhone X In 2018?

The most touted smartphone of the year, iPhone X was launched by Apple last year. The preorders for the iPhone X began in October, and the shipment started on 3rd November 2017. It is not even a year old, and reports of Apple planning to discontinue the iPhone X are doing the rounds. Are you planning to buy the iPhone X or do you already have it? Read on to know more what’s in news. Is Apple is due to kill off its most expensive iPhone?

Mashable published a story about how the iPhone X could be discontinued in 2018.  Ming-Chi Kuo works as an analyst with the Taiwanese business group of KGI Securities. He has been successfully predicting Apple’s products over the years. His keen interest in technology, especially the analysis of Apple products, has made him a reliable person as far as any Apple related news is concerned.

Ming-Chi-Kuo said that the Apple iPhone X had not made a significant impact in the Chinese market. The reason being the notch on the top of the screen of the iPhone X. This groove occupies a small portion of the otherwise almost bezel-less smartphone. It is where the front camera and sensors are placed. However, it gives an impression of less screen space. Usually, Apple continues to manufacture and sell older iPhone models at a lower cost. However, this time Apple iPhone X may be an exception.

Apart from that, Ming-Chi Kuo also said that Apple might release three new iPhone models in the second half of 2018. Kuo estimated that Apple might not want to retain an older model this time, but there could be an improved version of the iPhone X like the “iPhone X Plus.” The new version may address the screen space issue of the iPhone X.

While the iPhone X may be “end of life” in the summer of 2018, Apple will still see a 5% growth up to mid-2018. The premium iPhone models of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will contribute to the 5% growth. Ming-Chi Kuo also said that Apple would ship 18 million iPhone X models in the first quarter of 2018. Having said that, 2018 may come to an end after Apple witnesses a 10% growth.

One of the factors leading to this growth will be the three new iPhone X inspired models that will be released in the latter half of 2018. One of these models shall be a 5.8-inch second generation iPhone X, and the other shall be 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.

Last but not the least, we can expect a replacement of the iPhone SE, and it will sport a 6.1-inch screen with Face ID. The 6.1-inch iPhone shall use LCD display instead of the trusted OLED display which is in use now. LCD technology is cheaper than OLED technology, so this will create an awkward situation for Apple if it retains the expensive iPhone X along with a more reasonable new model. Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple expects the iPhone SE’s replacement model to appeal to the Chinese market.

Let’s see what holds future of Apple iPhone X? Will it get discontinued?

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