Lenovo presents ThinkPad X1 – World’s first foldable PC

Lenovo presents ThinkPad X1 – World’s first foldable PC

Foldable phones already exist but what if you get your hands on a foldable PC? Lenovo recently shared images of the world’s first foldable futuristic laptop prototype. This is slated to be a part of the X1 series and will release in 2020.

Lenovo stated that the ThinkPad is not just another foldable tablet or a phone, but in fact, it is fully functional laptop having a foldable screen. The specifications of the ThinkPad are not yet available.
The Lenovo ThinkPad will sport a full-screen foldable display. The battery is located in one half of the device, which adds weight and keeps the laptop stable upon folding. This side doubles up as a touchscreen keyboard if you fold the laptop in half. If you intend to use the full display, then you can also connect an external keyboard. Lenovo says that the battery can last one full day. ThinkPad will have USB ports for charging, connecting external keyboards, etc.. As of now, the viewing angles alter colors, so there is some work to be done in this department.
Lenovo is taking its time to perfect this foldable display technology and we can expect a thoroughly tested and optimized product in 2020.

Lenovo also introduced the affordable and ultra-thin ThinkBook 13s and ThinkBook 14s, which will release in the US in May. With aluminum and magnesium bodies, these devices offer a premium feel. They are targeted at SMB’s to give the end user a smartphone-like experience. They come with an almost bezel-less display and the ability to lie flat at 180°. Among other features, you get a spill-resistant keyboard, ThinkShutte camera cover and a range of service features to support SMBs. The expected price of ThinkBook 13s is $729 and that of ThinkBook 14s is $749.

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