Meet Solarin, The Rolls Royce of The Smartphone World

Meet Solarin, The Rolls Royce of The Smartphone World

At the glance: Solarin is the costliest Ultra high-tech Android smartphone in the world launching in the month of May.

What would you think the highest cost of a smartphone could be? Well, if you think the finest luxury handmade mobile phones Vertu could be the costliest then you are wrong as the world’s costliest smartphone is all set to rock the floors this May and is called ”Solarin”.

The most advanced mobile phone with the highest privacy settings built by Sirin Labs is the new costliest phone in the smartphone world which is not being built in the US UK or China from where many smartphones takes birth, but from a corner of Isreal. A Tel Aviv-based startup company is launching its very first ultra-high-tech Android smartphone, according to

The company has lately raised $72 million to make this high-tech phone, Solarin which is equated with the Rolls-Royce and termed as “Rolls-Royce of the Smartphone”. Sirin labs stating on Solarin says it was to “create the most advanced mobile device that combined the highest privacy settings, operated faster than any other phone, built with the best materials from around the world.”

The company has decided to launch its first ultra-high-tech phone at its dedicated retail store in London, “The natural home of the Sirin Labs customer”.

The Sirin Labs stated that its high-tech device will first go on sale on its e-commerce site and if its popularity rises, the firm plans to open the additional stores across Europe, North America and Asia very soon.

The luxurious ranges of smartphones are not new in the tech world. In 2006 Nokia launched its luxury mobile “Signature Cobra” and soon “Constellation” smartphone in 2011. In year 2012, Nokia droppedVertu, luxury-phone brand maker. After leaving Nokia, Vertu launched its first Android device “Vertu Ti” in the mobile market.

According to the reports, the smartphone was priced at a whopping Rs 6,49,990 in India. The specifications are high having dual-core 1.7GHz processor along with 1GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The body of the phone is made by Grade 5 Titanium and has a set of Bang &Olufsen stereo speakers. The screen of the phone is virtually scratch-proof by the Sapphire crystals and the company claimed the phone being four times stronger than other smartphones in the terms of impact resistance.

Talking of Solarin, with the unexpected price tag we surely can expect high-end specifications from the device with the highest privacy settings. Stay tuned for the more update on Solarin.