Move From Android To iOS With Easy Simple Steps

Here is a good news for all of you who want to make a move from Android to iOS! There is an app Move to iOS  to help you do just that . It creates a secure Wi-Fi network on your iPhone/iPad and lets you transfer the following from your Android device:
⦁ Contacts
⦁ Message history
⦁ Camera photos and videos
⦁ Web bookmarks
⦁ Mail accounts
⦁ Calendars

Move to iOS was available on iOS 9 . From iPhone 5 onwards every iPhone which supports iOS 9 is compatible with this app. Besides that, iPads from 4th generation, 6th generation iPod touch and iPad minis from 2nd generation also support this app. This app requires Android version 4.0 or later .
NOTE: Move to iOS requires a brand new a device or a device that has been factory reset so avoid installing any other apps or data on your iPhone at the beginning.
Make sure Android Wi-Fi is ON and both iOS device and Android device have sufficient power.
TIP: Delete any unwanted apps. Photos, media and other stuff from your Android device before transferring them to iOS device.
Step 1:
Start setting up your iOS device. On the “ Apps & Data” screen you should be able see an option “Move Data from Android”
Step 2:
Now run the Move to iOS app on your Android device. Accept the terms and conditions and on the ‘Find Your Code  click ‘Next’.
Step 3:
On your iOS device, click “Continue” on the “Move from Android” screen. A ten-digit or six-digit code will appear.
Step 4:
On your Android device, enter the code which is displayed on the iOS device, and wait for the two devices to get connected. After they are connected, select the data which you want to transfer and click on “Next” to begin transferring.
Wait for both devices to finish the transferring process. Then you can click ‘Done’ on your Android device and click ‘Continue’ on iOS  device to finish with the remaining setup.
That is it! You will have successfully migrated from Android to iPhone without any hassles. This option is much better than manually transferring your data from scratch.
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