Next Generation iPhone To Be Launched Soon

Next Generation iPhone To Be Launched Soon

Grab your iPhone 7 now, because what you will get the next year, will be more than a phone…it will be the future!!

If you are on that side of the group who are just not excited to see the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, then we would definitely suggest to cherish this version as long as it is here in the market to rule. Why? Because the future holds something huge for the iPhones and this just might be the last installment of this series.

As stated in the launch event of the iPhone 7, that this version has been the most advanced version of the series till date. It definitely packs a punch both lookwise and technically, having dual rear camera system, fewer antenna lines, faster speed, sleek design (0.28inch/7.1mm) and much more extra.

next generation iPhone

What is depicted for the upcoming iPhone the next year is something we all have just seen in the movies or comics till now. It would have screen from one end to another or you can call it “edge to edge screen”, in the form of a glass sliver.

 It is expected to be obviously thinner than the current version as Apple has always struggled and delivered a thinner model every year. As said by one of the Apple fans, in the future the iPhones might become as thin as a credit card. In that scenario the phones will not just be light but also more durable. The stripes where the ear piece and the home buttons are placed will no longer be on a strip, instead will be displayed on the screen itself. This would only form a bigger pool for the apps.

You might be wondering why the upcoming version is so special. The reason is the next year, 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, which was launched in January’2007. Being the 10th anniversary, and the 12th version of the iPhone series, Apple will definitely not go quietly with the launch of the new iPhone. It is also expected that this new series of iPhone will also be the start of a new naming series. Something which has already been done with the MacBook and the iPad, the next iPhones will also have a new series of nomenclature. It would be just cooler if they even call it “iPhone Next Gen”.

The iPhone 7 which you have been considering just like another iPhone will be infact a culmination of the iPhone series. Therefore, if not as a need, you should have an iPhone 7 at least as a collectable, because soon this phone will make a mark in the history of iPhones.