Ottm Makes Your Smartwatch Stylish With Wooden Straps

Ottm Makes Your Smartwatch Stylish With Wooden Straps

Meet Ottm, a unique as well as creative way to flaunt your smartwatch with wooden straps.

Being a smartwatch owner, have you ever got a thought to have some unique straps for your Apple, Pebble smart watches? Well, you probably have fewer options for your bands available in market. Have you ever looked upon wood (yes, you heard right, Wood) to be on your wrists? Mark Adams, from California has come with an exclusive and unique thought of making wooden straps for your smart watches.

Mark Adams has initiated this project as Ottm and is really promising an opportunity to stand out of the crowd with your smart watch’s look. The hand-crafted wooden bands look absolutely rocking and perfect for someone a less techy or a corporate vibe, and there are only three options to choose from but there is really something here for everyone out there.

The wooden bands are splash proof and can be used on Android Wear, Pebble or Apple watches. Mark Adams has started the campaign on IndieGoGo. According to him the Ottm is the unique and stylish smartwatch band which is fashioned from hand selected wood and treated with Tung oil (Chinese wood oil) for a smooth everlasting finish. You can easily attach these bands to your smart watches and flaunt it in stylish way.

What options do you have with Ottm?

ottm smartwatch

This unique and stylish band is available in three types, namely, Maple, Zebrawood, and Sandalwood. First on the table is Maple, which offers a crisp, lighter color beautiful strap. This band furnishes a nice contrast for darker colored smart watches and it will give a delightful summery feel to it.

ottm smartwatch

Next up is Zebrawood, which sports a beautiful lightning and striking finish. It is widely considered to be a luxury hardwood and looks elegant when paired with simple smart watches. If your smart watch body is too bold then this band could look pretty noisy on your wrist.

ottm sandalwood

Lastly, we have Sandalwood, which is mostly known for its fragrance and is Sexy too! This earthy-colored band will pair well with just about anything. The contrast in colors between the inner and outer links is stylishly fascinating and it makes for one of the most unique smartwatch bands we have ever seen. All the bands are available in 38/42mm Silver for Apple watch and 22mm Silver for Android wear and Pebble/Pebble time.

The company is pledging to plant a tree in an American National Park for every single band they ship, isn’t that cool idea for the benefit of our future generation?

Ottm fits all the smart watches and can be resized or swapped at any jewelry store or a watch retailer. It’s a cool product and a promise to give back to nature with each item sold. Well, which band catches your eye the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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