Pixel Buds : Google’s brand new wireless headphones

Pixel Buds : Google’s brand new wireless headphones

Google eliminated the 3.5mm audio headphone jack from its Pixel 2 XL and introduced the wireless headphones. Google’s new wireless headphones are called Pixel Buds and they certainly are Google’s answer to Apple Airpods. They are even priced the same as Airpods at $159.

Pixel Buds are not entirely wireless and are connected by a cloth like cord that goes around the neck. They are not in ear like most earphones, in fact they sit against the ear. This prevents isolation of surrounding noise but it is good for those who prefer the backdrop of sound from their surroundings. Also the cloth cord is adjustable and can be scaled to your comfort.
Pixel Buds can last for about five hours of battery and they come with a carrying case that can recharge the buds 4 times.
Pixel Buds can be paired with any android device which has Android N or higher and Google Assistant enabled.
Pixel Buds provide tap controls on the Right bud and they have more surface area compared to Airpods. You can tap to play or pause the music, swipe across to adjust volume and double tap to read notifications.
The most promising feature is that of translation which for now is exclusive for Pixel phones. The way this works is that you tap and hold on the Buds, then speak and the Pixel phone will play the translated speech via its speakers. Pixel Buds give you constant access to Google assistant which can translate up to 40 languages and read your notifications all without having to take out your phone.
Some may not consider Pixel Buds as truly wireless headphones like the Airpods. However it is much easier to keep track of them since they can sit around your neck when not in use and they are easier to find.

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