Reliance Jio Car Connect- An OBD Service Under Testing

Reliance Jio Car Connect- An OBD Service Under Testing

Reliance Jio has already made a significant mark in the market with their out of the ordinary tariffs and plans for the telecommunications sector.

The new buzz is that Jio is developing a Jio Car connect OBD (On-Board Diagnostics), by which they will be able to interconnect 90% of the cars in India in a network. OBD is a combination of software and corresponding hardware, which is capable of providing information regarding the various subsystems of the car like battery status, engine performance, oil status, etc. through sensors and this information will be provided in an intuitive interface, which could be accessed through your, phone, tablet or computer. Through this system, pre-emptive actions can be taken to avoid any accidents or untimely car troubles.

Currently work is being done on the Jio Car Connect App, which on its completion will provide thorough information on your smartphones like oil stats, battery change alerts, fuel info and even security alerts if in case the car is left unlocked. OBD will also be capable of recording driving data like speed patterns, driving styles, speed alerts and even panic braking details and provide this through easily conceivable patterns and charts. This can prove to be extremely useful to keep a check on their drivers.

OBD will be designed to be remotely accessible as well, for example if you are walking towards your car, you will be able to turn on the AC before you even get into the car, this way you won’t have to sit into a hot car like a pre heated oven!

The Jio Car Connect OBD service will come with a hardware device which you could plug into your car’s OBD port. The device will be like a USB dongle, which will have a SIM card slot. Once you insert the Reliance Jio Sim card in the slot, a Wi-Fi hotspot will be established. This will give you access to all the Reliance Jio Apps like Jio Music, Jio Cinema, Jio TV etc. on the go. The user will be able to make free voice calls with the Jio Join App.

The Jio Car Connect is still in the Beta development phase and the Reliance has not declared any specific launch dates yet, though Reliance is offering previews of this new system at various Jio Experience Zones setup all across the country.

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