Samsung and Amazon introduce us to HDR 10+

Samsung and Amazon introduce us to HDR 10+

The popularity of HDR TVs is increasing day by day. Samsung and Amazon have announced HDR 10+ which is an upgraded version of HDR 10 standard.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. While shooting a scene data is captured with full brightness and contrast. This data is encoded in the video signal; HDR TVs decode this signal to display images/videos with all HDR data.

HDR 10 is found on more TVs as it is an open royalty free standard whereas Dolby vision which needs a licensing fee, gives you more control. This leaves the consumers confused with respect to buying, so the new HDR 10+ which is also open standard, may even out the gap between 2 technologies.

Current HDR 10 uses static metadata which sets brightness for the whole video and doesn’t shift with scenes. So even if overall the video is bright and some parts are dull, HDR 10 will make dull parts darker. HDR 10+ uses Dynamic Tone Mapping, which comes with the ability to adjust metadata per scene or per frame.  This will give your videos crisp colors, wide range.

You might not need to invest in a new TV to avail the HDR 10+ technology as it is compatible with   Samsung’s 2017 UHD sets. All you need is a firmware update.

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