Samsung kills it’s Note 7 series. It’s kill or be killed for Samsung now

Samsung kills it’s Note 7 series. It’s kill or be killed for Samsung now

Samsung has finally decided to terminate its Galaxy Note 7 as it has been one of the most disastrous models Samsung has released ever. After a series of hazardous events which took place all over the world with people carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung finally decided to call it quits for its latest flagship. Samsung was hoping to see their latest model compete the iPhone 7 in the market for this holiday season, but sadly things went south for the Note 7.


The Korean smartphone giant had complaint issues soon after positive reviews from world over, from the start itself, when people reported their devices catching fire spontaneously. After crucial investigation, the company declared that there was nothing wrong with the device, but it was all because of the faulty batteries. Samsung, proudly owned to the error and even promised everyone on replacing the handsets with ‘safe’ batteries. But that phase of calm didn’t last long for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as they devices continued to show their tendencies of self-immolation, by sending one man from Kentucky to the hospital, and causing fire on a Taiwanese girl’s jeans pocket. This was not all, it also caused a flight to evacuate due to safety issue. Note 7 has been darted brutally by Regulatory authorities and consumer watchdogs worldwide. Samsung had no other choice except to kill the Note 7 series before it could make matters worse for the company and the people.

According to the Financial Times, the whole scenario, wiped off a magnanimous sum of $19 billion from Samsung’s market value, with image loss extra. Apart from that consumers will now tend to avoid Samsung devices due to obvious safety issues. To top that Samsung’s washing machines are also under scrutiny, due to the obvious reasons…not to fume and explode


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