Secret of Little Black Hole between Your iPhone Camera And Flash

Secret of Little Black Hole between Your iPhone Camera And Flash

iPhones are one of the most trusted and worthful phones. You may have been using an iPhone since its launch but there are few things that you might not aware of the Apple’s flagship product. Well, no matter how much we call ourselves an ace in using and understating the iPhones, still there are many things we don’t know about it. One such feature concerns the camera on your iPhone. Have you ever noticed a black hole at the back of the iPhone between camera and flash? Well, turn your iPhone and see…

Have you ever wondered why do this tiny black hole is present at the back of the iPhone? Do you think it is some reset button or so?

So what do you think the black hole on iPhone is for?

black hole on iphone

Basically, every Apple product since the iPhone 5 has had a tiny black dot between the camera lens and the flash.

This small hole is a microphone. Yeah, you read it right! Technically, it is not a microphone that would listen to your voice but the small black hole is for the noise cancellation. This tiny microphone can almost get rid-off the background noises so that the conversations could be crystal clear without any noise disturbances. It also helps to record your voice without any filler, make Siri’s recognition of your accent even better and while recording the HD videos.

The iPhone in reality has three microphones, one at the bottom, one on the back and one at the front often hidden under the same grill for the phone speaker as it is not active during the normal phone conversations.

Now you can ask why there are three microphones on an iPhone?

I have the answer 🙂

The bottom and the front microphone are used as sound clearer. The one at the back though is basically when you call and speak people on your phone normally both the microphones are active, the one at the bottom collects your voice as per normal and the one at the top collects the background noise.

So you may wonder why there is a need of three microphones. While the bottom and front ones are used for own voice and hearing purpose, the one at the back is utile for video recording and for digitally removing the background noises when you are on your phone or a Face Time call. It may bit help a little when clicking pictures by excluding the pixel noise.

 The Apple’s Flagship products are innovative in itself to make your iPhone experience exquisite in its way!


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