The Fall of Giant, R.I.P BlackBerry Smartphones

The Fall of Giant, R.I.P BlackBerry Smartphones

Yes! It’s true, you can say farewell to those bold designs, sharp buttons, the handy keypad of the BlackBerry phones, which used to rule the smartphone industry during the mid-2000

With the massive failure of the company’s reboot strategy by launching Android Handsets, the BlackBerry Priv and the DTEK 50, the company has officially declared in its quarterly financial results, that they will no longer be manufacturing the hardware and will outsource it to other partners.

John Chen, CEO BlackBerry, had foreseen this very much before when he had announced that he will shut down the hardware manufacturing, if it was not making enough profits. He stuck to his words, when he declared to call it quit for the hardware manufacture, when the company reported a loss of 8 million in this past quarter according to Mobility Solutions.

It’s not that you will never get to see BlackBerry handsets anymore; it’s just that that the company will not be producing them in-house. The company says, if they launch any handsets in future, they will get the hardware manufactured from other companies.

It makes one feel sad, seeing another smartphone tycoon calling it off, after ruling major part of the market for years. With Nokia quitting in 2013, and now BlackBerry, it becomes harder to say what is in store for the smartphone technology.

If you are still not convinced, then this might just help you. In the year 2008, BlackBerry accounted for roughly around 25% of the entire mobile phone market, and now the numbers are shockingly at even less than 1%.

BlackBerry failed to the see exponential growth of the touchscreen technology and by the time they tried to upgrade them and compete with Apple and Android phones, it was already too late. But still the BBM addiction, the attractive trackpad and the awesome QWERTY keyboard will always be a part of the legacy that has left behind by BlackBerry.

Really do we have lost the last representation of the splendid era of mobility? BlackBerry was surely a legend of its time and we shall proudly bid them farewell. You will be missed forever!!

If you have ever used the BlackBerry Phones, what will be the most missed feature of it?

  • The excellent physical QWERTY keyboard
  • BlackBerry messenger addiction
  • The Trackball

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