V-Fiber: Airtel Broadband Service Launched With Free Unlimited Voice Calling Extended To All Customers

V-Fiber: Airtel Broadband Service Launched With Free Unlimited Voice Calling Extended To All Customers


  • The existing Airtel users will get the faster speed with NO increase in monthly rentals.
  • New customers get an “Unlimited Three(3) months trial.
  • To avail the service, the chargeable modem is required.
  • The service is initially launched in Chennai, but will be rolled out across India sooner.

What is V-Fibre?

To answer that we will have to take you to Europe, where the technology has already prevalent for quite some time and Airtel has planned to introduce it here in India. V-Fibre is a unique combination of Fibre and Vectorization technology, which is capable of delivering lightning fast speed, that is, faster downloads lesser buffering time, and an extremely reliable Wi-Fi connection for all the devices operating in your home environment.

It has proved to be the most popular technology in Europe and hence, Airtel is taking the advantage of that fact and has already introduced it in Chennai, and plans to do the same in 87 other places in India, starting with Delhi – NCR and Bengaluru.

Ajai Puri, Director Operations, Bharti Airtel said in a statement,

“India is witnessing an explosive growth in data usage and a lot of in-home data consumption is happening over fixed broadband that offers consistent speeds. With ‘V-Fibre’ and our national optic fibre backbone, we are all set to offer a future ready network for tomorrow’s digitally connected homes.”

He further explains,

“This solution, besides reducing our carbon footprint, offers a very quick and convenient upgrade to the customer. We are also delighted to launch our innovative myHome Rewards and unlimited free voice calling facility for our customers.”

What is Vectorization?

Vectorization works on the concept of ‘Channel Bonding’, which would take the various copper lines and multiplex the data to increase the output by using the ‘Noise Elimination Technology’.  The whole mechanism is indeed complicated, but the basic idea is that Airtel is using V-Fibre to increase better data speeds on the existing lines.

 All what you need to do is upgrade your current router, without changing your wiring and connections at all. You just need to buy the new Airtel modem and get a free upgrade to V-Fibre and in case you don’t have Airtel connection, book it instantly so that you can avail the unlimited internet offer for 3 months. We did not have any information of any FUP’s (Fair Usage Policy) until now, so for now unlimited internet has only one implication, Unlimited to us. Europe has seen a very good response to this technology, and hence it is surely worth trying out.