We Can Expect An Announcement About Vivo’s APEX Smartphone Soon

We Can Expect An Announcement About Vivo’s APEX Smartphone Soon

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Chinese mobile manufacturer Vivo unveiled its concept smartphone – APEX. The APEX smartphone is touted to be a futuristic model. APEX features the Half Screen Fingerprint Scanning technology and some revolutionary ideas for the speaker and selfie camera.

Vivo is reported to have sent invites to the Chinese media regarding an announcement on 5th March 2018. The event shall be held in Vivo Hangzhou and going by the keywords used in the invitation it seems like the announcement shall be about APEX. According to the Chinese blog ITHome, Vivo has sent out invitations containing the words “Unlock the Future” which seem apt for the APEX smartphone that was unveiled at MWC a few days ago.

The lower half of the APEX smartphone’s screen shall be capable of recognizing a fingerprint, thereby making way for the in-display fingerprint scanner. The device shall sport a 5.99-inch display and have an incredible aspect ratio of 18:9. The top and side bezels shall just be 1.8mm, whereas, the bottom bezels shall be 4.3mm. An interesting feature of the APEX smartphone shall be the pop-up selfie camera which can remain hidden in the device and shoot up when required. The screen shall double up as a loudspeaker by means of the Screen SoundCasting Technology. The sound vibrations pass through the screen and produce an audible audio output which can replace the traditional speaker grill. APEX shall also use System In Package(SIP) to integrate DAC and 3 amplifiers in order to create more free space on the circuit board.

Vivo may or may not announce anything about the APEX smartphone on 5h March. The APEX concept device displayed at MWC needed some improvements. It is possible that the upcoming event shall solely focus on similar future projects. We are looking forward to the announcement and let’s hope that Vivo has some positive news about APEX.


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