WonderCube Pro: All your mobile essentials packed in one compact device

WonderCube Pro: All your mobile essentials packed in one compact device

Our mobiles need several accessories either to complete them or to enhance the style. We carry a separate charger, flash drive, MicroSD card and what not! The mobile itself combines several gadgets like a camera, torch, calculator etc. What if there was something which could combine several of the mobile’s accessories in one place? Mutants DesignLab has launched the WonderCube Pro which packs a lot of goodies in one place.

The WonderCube Pro is a small 1-inch cube and costs about $89. You can get it for a discounted price of $49 as an early bird bonus. You can book the WonderCube and WonderCube Pro from here.

Let us take a glimpse of features the WonderCube Pro wonderfully flaunts!

Quick Charging:

If your mobile runs out of charge, all you have to do is connect one end of the WonderCube Pro in your mobile and the other end into any available USB charging port. This will charge your device properly.

Emergency Charging:

You say you’re running out of charge and have no access to power or USB charging? Don’t worry, you can plug a 9V battery on the top of the WonderCube Pro and charge your smartphone. You can get up to 3.5 hours of talk time on both iOS and Android devices.

Phone stand:

You can also attach the WonderCube Pro to the back of your phone and use it as a stand while watching movies, videos or even video calls.

LED torch:

You can also use the WonderCube Pro as a small LED flashlight. Your mobile might already provide this function with its flash but who doesn’t want an extra compact flashlight?


The WonderCube Pro has an inbuilt storage facility with a maximum capacity of 64GB. So you can store movies or other data and free up memory on your phone.

Inbuilt Micro USB:

The WonderCube Pro has inbuilt Micro USB which can be connected to smartphone having a Micro USB port. You don’t have to worry about long cables getting entangled.

MicroSD card reader:

This helps you transfer all kinds of files like photos, songs, movies etc. from the Micro SD card to other devices with the help of WonderCube Pro.

Lightning connector:

The WonderCube Pro has adapters for iOS devices. You get a lightning adapter for your iPhone. So you just plug the lightning adapter over the Android USB connector and you are good to go.


The WonderCube Pro could get lost in your bag or your drawer. So you can use it in a key ring like a fancy Keychain.

You get the WonderCube Pro only in Grey color as of now. The WonderCube Pro could make an ideal gift for anyone. It is lightweight and compact but has all the important accessories one could ask for.



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