You Can Now Use Reliance Jio Sim On Your Regular 3G/4G Smartphones

You Can Now Use Reliance Jio Sim On Your Regular 3G/4G Smartphones

Mukesh Ambani,  has brought a revolutionary breakthrough in the telecom field with Reliance Jio. Through the 4G VoLTE network, users will be able to make free voice calls. Though the network will use data in making these calls, but this data won’t be charged. To top it, reliance offers free data usage from 2am to 5am in the day.

With such tempting tariff plans and schemes, you will obviously look forward to buy this 4G sim, only to realize that these sim cards are capable of making calls only through VoLTE 3G or 4G handsets.

But don’t let this bother you, because we have brought a way through which your regular 3G/4G phone will be capable of making calls using the Jio Sim.

Following steps will guide you through the process to enable voice calls in your non-VoLTE handset.

1. If you are using a non VoLTE handset then your phone will notify that voice calls are offline, just like the image below.

Reliance jio

2. Navigate to Playstore, search for Jio4GVoice app (earlier called JioJoin). In order to avoid clones and viruses check the image below.

reliance jio

3. The Jio4GVoice is available free of cost and once it is downloaded the app will require permission phone’s dialer, messaging app, overriding battery saver, using mic to record the conversation voice, your AV remote and your refrigerator defrost button.

reliance jio

4. As soon as the permissions are granted, the Jio4GVoice will send a One Time Password to your alternate contact and as soon as it is verified, you are good to go.

reliance jio

5. As you follow the above instructions, the screenshot shown below, your Jio4GVoice status will turn online, or as Reliance Jio puts it “prepared to call”.

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